Should You Have a Malware Detector on Your PC in 2022?

It has been a long time since we have heard of somebody getting malware in this day and age, especially on their PCs. It might have been more common in the beginnings of the internet, in the early 2000s and maybe early 2010s, when messaging services had all the third party mods which came from

Some of the Ways You Can Personalize Your PC

PC building is a great hobby that most builders undergo when they discover that they can modify their PC, and not just in terms of parts. Personalization can take many forms, in the external, physical layer that we know as the PC case, or in a more digital way. Our computers were primarily designed to

Is Buying a Used PC a Good Move?

The world sometimes enters a crisis and we cannot really find the things that we want at a decent price. Take graphics cards at the moment. They are impossible to purchase unless you want to pay double or triple over the MSRP. That is ridiculous and nobody should be paying that much money for a